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High Density Vertical Cable Organizers

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Due to introduction of various innovative technologies like angular jack panel and increasing path panels per rack, cable rack management has become extremely critical. Manufacturers and dealers have created new products like high density cable organizers as a solution to this significant cable rack management issue. The main features of this product are:

The basic frame which this product has is a unique one with a composite construction and a steal powder coat. The fingers are specialized and made of ABS which empowers it with a high strength to take the load of large quantity cables.

It facilitates huge bulk cable management members with cable spools along with slots in the center.

Special care has been taken to assure there is no cable damage by providing for semicircular ABS fingers.

To suit the site requirements, easy removal of fingers has been provided for.

For an easy and convenient cable management, the product has been equipped with a unique doubly hinged design door both at the front as well as the back side due to which doors can be easily opened from either side.

To provide a spectacular look along with better alignment, the vertical cable organizer, has been bolted and made to freely standing on the floor.

Therefore for effective cable rack management deal with specialized suppliers who understand your requirements and give you the best of the technology available.

Technical Specification

Model Matrix & Dimensions
Model Height(mm) Usable Height(u) Width (Inches) Depth (Inches)
HDVCO 6 inch/Front & Back 2145 45 6 18
HDVCO 8 inch/Front & Back 2145 45 8 18
HDVCO 12 inch/Front & Back 2145 45 12 18
HDVCO 15 inch/Front & Back 2145 45 15 18
HDVCO 6 inch/Front 2145 45 6 9
HDVCO 8 inch/Front 2145 45 8 9
HDVCO 12 inch/Front 2145 45 12 9
HDVCO 15 inch/Front 2145 45 15 9
Abbreviations : H - Overall height, h- Usable height, W - Overall width, w- Usable width, D – Overall depth, d- Usable depth
1U = 44.45 MM
Note : Other models can be manufactured on request.


  • Composite construction basic frame-Steel powder coated and finger made of ABS for high strength to carry large quantity cables.
  • Cable Spools and Slots in Centre supported Member for large quantity cable management.
  • Semicircular ABS fingers assure no cable damage.
  • Finger can be removed very easily to suit site requirements.
  • Unique double hinge design door at front and back to open door from left to right or right to left for easy cable management.
  • The Vertical Cable Organiser free standing on floor and bolted to open rack for better alignment and aesthetic looks.

Shipping Data

High Density Vertical Cable Organisers
S No PRODUCT Length Width Depth Net Weight Gross Weight
mm mm mm kg kg
1 6 INCH / FRONT & BACK 2200 170 500 30.20 34.5
2 8 INCH / FRONT & BACK 2200 240 500 31.70 36.5
3 12 INCH / FRONT & BACK 2200 335 500 44.30 49.5
4 15 INCH / FRONT & BACK          
5 6 INCH / FRONT 2200 170 250 17.3 20.8
6 8 INCH / FRONT 2200 240 250 19 23
7 12 INCH / FRONT 2200 335 250 25 29.5
8 15 INCH / FRONT          
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Cable Management Solution, Cable Management Rack, Cable Management, Network Cable Management, Cable Organizer, Cable Runways
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